How to Hum – Singing Lessons For Beginners

Learning how to hum is an essential part of every singer’s vocal tool box. Don’t want to be too loud when you are vocalizing?  Then humming to the rescue!  Want a delicate forward tone, or just great coordination between breath support and the vocal folds then humming is your man or woman.  It’s all cool! 🙂

So in the video “How to Hum”, I go over my 3 favourite types of hum. The first one is what I would call my every day hum, although I do like to mix it up regularly so as to keep my voice flexible.  Doing the same vocalize day in and day out is not a cool thing, as it will lead to a ridged voice. The tip of the tongue is placed on top of the bottom teeth and is touching the bottom lip, the tongue is relaxed, not forced there just placed. The teeth are not touching and the jaw is free to hang open a little. From here, a small amount of air is let out of the nose, as if you were about to blow your nose. The resonance (the buzzy feeling) should then be felt to strike the top lip and under the nose cleanly. Check out my video on onsets here as this will show you how to get the resonance striking correctly, the correct term for this is onset or the attack.

The second hum is the same as above, except with an added twist that the tongue is now sticking out a little this will help those of you that have tongue tension. This will really tickle the tongue when done correctly, sorry about that!

Onto the last hum, to feel the correct placement of the tongue simply swallow (this can also be noticed first thing in the morning as it’s the normal resting place of the tongue when you sleep). The tongue hugs the roof of the mouth (some of the hard palate) and the tip is touching the front top teeth. Again allow a little air out of the nose to start with to get a good clean onset (remember to refer to the video on this here) and feel the resonance (buzzing feeling) hit the cheek bones.

So there you have it, three great variations of the humble hum! Go and have fine with them, master them and they will be your best friends on your vocal journey to becoming the best singer that you can be.

This is vocal coach Dylan signing out Yo!


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