Singing Tips For Beginners – Vocal Exercise Effectively

Singing Tips For Beginners
Singing Tips For Beginners


How to do a vocal exercise effectively is something that every singer MUST know. In this singing tips for beginners article you will learn how to make your vocal warm ups and workouts more efficient.

Singing Tips For Beginners – The two main areas for an effective vocal work out

There are two main areas that you should always be focused on when doing a vocal warm up or workout to maximise your efficiency and reinforce great vocal technique. Everyone is aware of the first area but the second area is far too often over looked to the detriment of the singer.
The two main areas are:
1) Building correct muscular coordinations
2) Mental awareness of those correct muscular coordinations

Building INCORRECT Muscular Coordinations

If you are singing scales and doing vocal exercises correctly then this will build good muscular coordinations, strengthen and improve your pitch and tone. As long as you can copy a sound you can vocalise and build your voice. One of the problems with this is that not everyone can copy a sound well. In fact most people don’t, picking the wrong way first as there is always more than one way to make the same sound.

So we have lots of singers out there doing their daily vocal exercise, just copying sounds incorrectly, and they don’t even know it. Yes sometimes it will still improve the voice, but only for a short time, and then they will need to work out the voice again. Lip trills, tongue trills and hums are some good examples of sounds that can be done wrongly and will make the voice worse than no vocal exercise at all.

The truth is that if you are not aware of the correct sensations that you’re supposed to be monitoring when you are vocalising then you are wasting your time but more importantly you could be building muscular strength in the wrong coordinations, which will be only be evident when you then go to sing!

How to build CORRECT muscular coordinations

Building correct muscular coordinations starts with understanding the correct sensations of singing, and an understanding of theoretical vocal technique so as to be able to guide the voice correctly through the vocal exercises. If you don’t know why or what you are trying to achieve from a vocal exercise then you should not do it! Just warming up your voice every day without this awareness is ineffective, but more importantly can be damaging for the voice!

Mental awareness of correct muscular coordinations

To build mental awareness we need to know what we need to be aware of, the list below covers the 4 main areas to be aware of when you are doing your vocal exercises.

1) Open Throat

2) Resonance

3) Breath Support

4) Vowels

Once you have this awareness, you will no longer be doing your vocal warm ups incorrectly. You will know how it feels when it’s right, but more importantly you will also know how it feels when it’s wrong and what to do to fix it. This is the only way to build a voice safely and efficiently.

Please watch the video for more information on singing tips for beginners. I hope that you found it helpful? If you would like to see more of my stuff then feel free to check out my youtube channel: Vocal Coach Dylan

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