Skype Singing Lessons

 Save time, hassle and money with Skype singing lessons.

  • No more time wasted getting to your singing lesson and back home again!
  • No more getting stuck in traffic and being late
  • Think of all the petrol money you’d save?
  • And you still get a great sing lesson delivered to you at home in the comfort of your armchair that only takes an hour of your time, freeing you up to get on with other things.
Take Skype singing lessons (or facetime) from the comfort of your own home or while you are out on the road it’s so easy!


Skype Singing Lessons with Vocal Coach Dylan

Skype singing lessons are a great way to learn how to sing. I will teach you to sing better than you can now. Not sure? Then try a free 20 minute skype session with me.

Are skype singing lessons any good?

I have been teaching students from all over the world via skype singing lessons without any problems. What I need as a vocal coach is to be able to hear you well. With Skype and my very cool headphones I can. I also need to be able to see you (although this is not as important as hearing you).

You need to be able to hear me and see me.

Check out the sample of my lesson with Hyman (on the left)that he had on his iPhone 7! On the right is a sample skype singing lesson Testimonial that I recorded on skype.

iPhone Skype Singing Lesson

Here is an example of one of my student who lives in Hong Kong taking a singing lesson with me on Skype on his iPhone 7. The mic and headphone set that he is wearing came with the phone. It’s that easy!

The video is not as good as it actually is, this is due to the recording software and my audio is not as crystal clear as it actually is, this again is down to the recording software.

Athena Skype Singing Lessons Tesimonial

You can also book in for a free 20 minute skype lesson with me to see if your system works with skype fine and to see if you would like to book online singing lessons with me.

What should I expect from my first Skype Singing Lesson?


  • A Chat about your singing goals (you may want to build your range, power, tone or confidence. There may be a song that you have always wanted to be able to sing).
  • Any area’s of your vocal technique that you would like to work on (don’t worry if you are a beginner and haven’t got a clue we will go over this together).
  • Song quick fix You may just want one quick lesson to help you work on a song that you’re having trouble with.  These are very productive lessons so make sure that you have a pen and paper ready or just record the lesson down so that you can go over all the information that I will give you. There is plenty of free screen recording software out there that you can use, check out this list so you can record your skype lesson.
  • Singing lessons designed to help you become the best singer you can as quickly as you can. This is not a one size fits all download course which leaves a lot of students feeling they are missing something. Your weak areas will be isolated and fixed!

What do I need to take Skype Singing Lessons?

You will need:

For ideas on Webcams, microphones or headphones check out this link:

If you already have a built in camera and mic on your computer then you can use those too.

Once you have all you need for a Skype lesson it’s a good idea to make a quick skype call to a friend to iron out any problems with your skype settings before you have your free 20 minute consolation. 

How much are Skype Singing Lessons?

Lessons cost $25 for 30 minutes or $50 for the hour. This is if you would like to book singing lessons with me after you have your free 20 minute lesson.

Skype Singing Lesson Booking

With Vocal Coach Dylan

I look forward to helping you!


Thank you for getting in touch. If you are still unsure about singing lessons or would just like to learn more about singing lessons then why not check out my Singing posts.