About a year ago me and the rest of my band were looking for a new singer to take over lead vocals. After spending a few months looking we realized that it was going to be hard to find someone who was right for
us. It was then that we decided that I would give lead vocals a go.

Before I started the lessons I had only done backing vocals and was low on confidence. Since meeting Dylan he has helped improve every aspect of my voice by greatly expanding my range, teaching me the correct techniques to protect my voice, improved my tone and most importantly has given me the confidence to get up and sing in front of people. Since starting my lessons around this time last year  my band has headlined at
both The Joiners and The Talking Heads, something I could not have done without Dylan’s Help.

On top of all that he is a decent bloke with a good sense of humor bringing
a relaxed feel to every lesson.



I’ve been singing in bands for years now and picked up many a bad habit, most noticeably singing from the throat and a lack of proper support translating into pitch problems, and an ever dwindling confidence.

I went to Dylan wanting to start from scratch to correct my technique and ultimately get my voice in a healthier place. Dylan has left no stone unturned in finding what works for my voice and has remained committed to providing both practical and theoretical knowledge to help me in a positive direction.

You won’t find a better coach, or a better human being for that matter!



I have been singing for 15 years and always thought that my voice was ok but that it could be improved. I had never had singing lessons as I didn’t want to sing like everybody else.

When I met Dylan, I felt comfortable and straight away reassured that I would learn techniques which would help my voice get stronger and clearer without loosing what was unique about it. We work at my own pace and Dylan is tailoring each course to my needs. I have made huge progress in just a few months. The members of my band and my friends said that my voice was stronger, more powerful and they could understand the words better.

Dylan is a very dedicated coach who will bring the best in your voice. He also happens to be a great guy and I look forward to every lesson.



Dylan’s been teaching me for little over 3 months now and in this short space of time listeners have already noticed an improved quality and power in my voice.

I’ve had several teachers in the past who haven’t come close to the attention Dylan pays when you sing. He’ll identify any problems or places to improve and after practicing his suggested technique you’ll no longer have the problem! Lessons are also made easier due to the friendly and relaxed manner in which Dylan will teach. I could go on forever and really wouldn’t have a bad word to say. Legend.



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