Learn How To Sing The Natural Way That Injects Emotion Into Your Singing!

Interested In Singing Lessons But Not Sure If Skype Is For You?

Check out one of my student (David) I have never met him in person. I have only taught him via Skype. Here is his testimonial:

This video is a sample of one of our Skype lessons so you can experience it for yourself. I have to say that the audio is actually a little better than what you hear on the video. I think a little was lost in the recording of the video. Also I look half asleep but that is my concentrating face! lol

If you would like to book a one off lesson to fix a specific problem you’re having or book a block of lessons then just get in touch via the contact me page here. I look forward to helping you. Dyl 🙂

Welcome…I’m Vocal Coach Dylan

Pleased to meet you 🙂

I have been teaching people to sing now for over 22 years.

I started this “teach yourself how to sing” blog as there is a lot of bad information out there about singing. 

Yes, there is also some good information too but as a beginner singer or even an advanced one it can get very confusing and often end up with you spending months, if not even years, trying to work it out by yourself.

Only to find you’ve gone down the wrong road. Well let me get you back on the right track 🙂

Vocal Coach Dylan
Vocal Coach Dylan …Dyl 🙂