1 singing tip to improve your singing instantly

1 singing tip that will improve your singing instantly

Try and guess what it is…

Great vocal technique?

Yes, that’s true but let’s dive deeper.

Great breath support?

Oh, now we’re starting to get somewhere… Deeper

More important than breath support?

What? No way!

Well sure breath support is important… but… it’s not that…

So before I tell you what is more important than breath support (which I will do later, and I’ll also show you) let’s look at…

why this is so important…

  • Without it, you can’t have proper breath support
  • Without it, you can’t have great tone
  • You will have jaw tension
  • It will be a problem to sing clearly: you’ll not be able to project correctly
  • And most importantly you’ll never achieve the voice you want as your throat will be closed.

Let me tell you a story about a new student that once came to me…

I once had a singer who came to me after spending thousands of pounds trying to learn how to project his voice correctly. I was just another vocal coach in a long line vocal coaches that he had seen. All of them had looked at different parts of his singing from breath support, resonance and articulations…

And although all of these things helped none of them seemed to fix the problem.

And worse still it always came back after a couple of months.

So this guy let’s call him Dave sat down in front of me his speaking voice was mumbly and hard to hear and no surprises so was his singing voice.

The first thing I noticed when he walked in the room was how bad his posture was. He then sat down and had the worst slouch I had ever seen.

I enquired had any of the vocal coaches in the past mentioned his posture.

He looked at me puzzled “my posture?” you said.

“Your posture,” I said.


he laughed “why would they?”

I thought there’s no point in telling him the solution is with his posture, as from his comment I could tell it would be far easier just to get him to feel the difference for himself…

So that’s what I did…

So I showed him some exercises. You could see he was very sceptical but he went along.

So what happened to his voice?

After we did the exercises his voice had totally opened up. Along with it, his confidence had gone through the roof!

His voice projected easily. And his jaw tension was far less than it was before. Just the jaw tension freeing up meant that he could articulate correctly. So there was no need to work on his articulation.

The student was shocked at how quickly and profoundly I’d improved his voice without working on articulation, resonance, I simply corrected his posture, that’s right humble little old never mention posture!

Ok OK, I hear you,

you’re looking at me as if what!

Well, let me prove it to you in the video.

I will show you just how powerful posture actually is…

How posture is a game changer…

so in the video, I will demonstrate to you how just by sorting out your posture you can improve all aspects of your singing.

In the video, I show you the importance of good posture, not the exercises I taught to Dave, for that you need to go here.

Are you ready to feel the difference?
Do you want to learn the same proven exercises that I taught to Dave?
Then go here.

If you have tension in your jaw, throat, tongue, body. Then the first place to look should always be your posture.

If Dave (my new bewildered but grateful student) had done that he would have saved himself thousands of pounds, wasted time, severe jaw tension and lack of confidence through his mumbly voice which was also due to his jaw tension.

Did you notice a difference when you did the exercise in the video?

If you did then give me a like…

or let me know in the comments below…

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