singers bag pf tricks

1 Sound All Singers Should Have In Their Bag Of Tricks

singers bag of tricks the lip trill

A great vocalize (vocalize: to speak, sing or make a sound) that all singers should know…

Once you have this one in the bag,

You have a great go-to sound that you can warm up your voice with.

I like to use this exercise as a supercharged warm up vocalize. As this vocalize will get you warmed up quicker than a hum ever will.

To be fair to the hum they all have their place and you should make it your mission to learn as many different vocalize sounds as you can. By learning many sounds and rotating them frequently you hit your vocal muscles as slightly different angles all the time. This keeps your voice supple and your sound balanced.

So what am I talking about?

It’s the little old lip trill (sometimes also called the lip bubble).

Once you have learnt the trill you will be able to do this little beauty when you are, doing the dishes, hoovering, and if you don’t mind the strange looks you can also do this when you are walking about.

The main benefit of the lip trill though is its ability to get you to warm up your voice with great balance between the vocal folds, and the breath support. SO why you warm up your voice with the trill you are conditioning your muscle memory the right way which mean when you go to sing that muscle memory will be there. Well at least for a couple of minutes is how long the muscle memory stays in balance depends mostly on your solid vocal technique. As bad vocal technique will always reverse any good work you do with the lip trill.

OK so I will be honest with you this is not the easiest vocalize in the world to learn, but as I have mentioned it is really worth learning it.

Check out my video tutorials below (minus the goaty!) Where I walk you through the process of learning to do a lip trill or lip bubble as they are also known.

Here is video 1:

How is it going? Here is the second video…

OK, so how did you go? Did you manage to learn the lip trill? Did your lips feel all tickly? Let me know in the comments below!

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