How Can I Increase My Singing Range?

how can i increase my singing rangeBefore you start to work on increasing your singing range, you should make sure that you have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of singing first. Then you can start to work on increasing your singing range.

The fastest way I know to increase your singing range is with the good old lip bubbles (lip trill) you can also use tongue trills, raspberries and any hum. This would be the best and safest way for beginners to go.

If you’re more advanced with your vocal technique, then you should work with the lip trill or hums first to warm up.

Try Some onsets

Then move onto onsets as these are the best way to assure that you are not pushing your voice. Onset work takes a lot more skill so you should not attempt it until you know what you are doing. Also, onsets tire voices far faster than a trill or hum so adjust your vocal workouts accordingly.

What scales should You use?

So now you have a sound to work with what type of scale you should use? To start with don’t worry so much about scales. All you need is the good old siren (How to Siren video link). Start with small sirens and work on increasing it until you’ve covered your whole range.

How often should you practice?

You should practice several times a day for about 5 to 10 minutes. Work up to 15 minutes twice a day for optimum results (some of you may even go up to 3×15 minute session).

I always find that short and often gets the best results rather than exercising for 30 to 45 minutes in one go. Remember that when you are working your voice that you should be focused on what you’re doing. Learning to recognise the new areas in your voice as you go to a new high note or a new low note.

Never push your voice you will encourage bad technique which is not what you want to build. Always listen to your voice, and you will find that when your voice is ready, new notes will just suddenly pop out of nowhere, and disappear just as quickly! This is normal keep at it, and in time you will get the skill of the new coordination and the strength. Always listen to your voice and it will open up quickly.


If you over-practice then you will notice it the next day. You may notice that your voice doesn’t respond to the sirens like it did the day before. Make a note of this and reduce the length of time that you work your voice maybe reduce down to one 5 minute session on that day and see where you are at the next day. Always listen to your voice and it will open up quickly. Never push it.

I hope that you found this helpful?

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