How to Breathe While Singing a Fast Song

Breathing while singing a fast song

I have seen student after student get in a right old mess when it comes to breathing on a fast song.

Some even have to stop singing otherwise they would pass out due to lack of air!

OK so before you learn to breathe for fast songs you must first master how to breathe for slow songs.

So if your not sure how to breathe for slow songs let’s give you a quick rundown so that I can show you that little trick…

Normal Breathing For Singing

When you breathe normally for singing you should:

  1. Breathe through the nose or mouth.
  2. Make sure you have good posture.
  3. Breathe into the lower back (feel the lower back fill up with air first).
  4. Feel the waist fill up after
  5. Then the lower belly then upper belly.
  6. Breathe whenever there is a break in the music. For example where ever there is a comma or you are at the end of the lyric line.

How To Breathe While Singing A Fast Song Trick

So here is that little trick I promised you…

In order to get in a breath quickly enough, you need to condition your breathing and you can do that with this exercise.

What you need to do is breathe in through the nose.

But not just breathe through the nose.

You need to sniff the air in really quickly. If you can do this correctly you will notice that the air (as long as the posture is good) will go down deep into the lower back and quickly.

By doing this as you practice a new song you will start to condition your breathing to breathe in quickly on a fast song.

The last step then is to breathe in through the mouth silently by imagining that you are surprised.

Just make sure that the inhale is silent.

By starting with the sniff first, then moving onto the surprised breath inhale after you have mastered the sniff you will be able to keep up with any song.

It just takes a little practice and you will have it.

Remember that the same rules apply as with the slow singing,

You breathe silently at any comma, full stop, end of the lyric line, anywhere you can breathe without creating a distraction from the singing is fine.

So there you have it you know now how to breathe while singing a fast song.

OK so try these out and let me know how you go with them…

I’m vocal coach Dylan… Have a great day

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