Set Your Mind Free, Set Your Voice Free

I get frustrated singers come to me all the time,

They have been from one vocal coach to another and none of the coaches have fixed the problem, some have helped a little only for the problem to come back again.

The singer then tells me about all the different singing techniques they have tried,

And they will often know a lot!

But they are totally mystified, why can’t they still sing?

The problem is that all the techniques they have learnt do work…

So why are they not working for this student?

There are several reasons,

And most of them start with some sort of FEAR!

Let me explain what I mean with some real-world examples.

When you are angry what happens to your voice?

The sound changes and your voice sounds angry, right?

What happens to the sound of your voice when you are happy?

Again your voice sounds like your happy.

So what do you think happens to your voice when you’re in fear?

You’ve got it, your voice will sound like you’re in fear.

Now you don’t need to feel like your about to fall off a tall building to be in fear,

most people are in a mild state of fear at some point and often are in a state of fear through habit all the time, without even knowing it!

Some examples of fear would be:

About to get up and sing on a stage is a good one!

Worried that people will laugh at you when you sing

A really tense person all the time, you can even hear their voice as I say this ( or is that just me?)

Can you think of any others? If you can post it in the comments at the bottom of this page.

So we have all heard someone that is about to sing and they are so nervous that their voice is all over the place.

The real voice can’t get out as there is so much tension in the voice due to the fear that the mind is feeling manifesting itself in the voice.

This fear then creates tension in the voice which then locks up the jaw, tongue, throat, breathing.

And comes out in that wavy weak sound voice.

Do you think in this state you will be able to sing, even if your vocal technique is flawless…

Of course not,

You could try any technique you like, it will fail as your voice is not the problem, your fear is.

You need to deal with the root course to get to a point where your voice is free enough to sing with the technique you’ve worked on.

And that takes courage,

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Can you think of any situations where your voice changed in sound?

If you can then leave them in the comments below I would love to know. Did you then notice that your jaw tensed or your pitch went off? What happened? Let me know below 🙂

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