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There is nothing worse than following along with a vocal warm up that just goes too low for your voice.

You only end up pushing for those low notes and we all know that’s no way to warm up your voice.

To make sure your voice feels ready to sing after a vocal warm up it’s crucial that you do it in your vocal range.

I am a Tenor myself so know the perfect vocal range for Tenors.

I am going to share with you a vocal warm up that I have recorded down in 4 vocal ranges just for your Tenor voice. That way if you don’t have a 2 octave vocal range yet no worries I have a vocal range that will work for your voice.

You can download them all right now if you like or read the rest of this page to learn about the sounds I am using on the vocal warm ups to get the most out of them.

Download Your Free Warm-Ups here…


To download any of the audio files below just click on the 3 vertical dots on the right end of the player and click on the download button there 🙂

FREE DOWNLOAD – Vocal Warm Ups For Tenor Voice (Range C3.C4 21MB)
FREE DOWNLOAD – Vocal Warm Up For Tenor Voice (Range C3.D#4 29MB)
FREE DOWNLOAD – Vocal Warm Up For Tenor Voice (Range C3.A4 38MB)
FREE DOWNLOAD – Vocal Warm Up For Tenor Voice (Range C3.C5 49MB)

Ok so those are the vocal warm ups for you. Now let’s take a look at how to use them to get the most out of your voice.

Vocal Warm Ups For Tenor Voice

The scale that is on all the vocal warm ups is a standard 1234321 Major scale pattern.

At the beginning of each scale you will hear a 4 beat count in. Then two notes played together the duration that the two notes play is the time you have to take a breath before the scales start to play.

If you are not sure of your vocal range then start with the C3.C4 vocal warm up, that’s the 20mb, 9min long file, and see how your voice feels after that.

If you find it too easy then move onto C3.D#4 which is a little bigger in vocal range. If that is still too easy for you then move onto the C3.A4 vocal range which is still bigger in vocal range and then finally if that feels to easy for your voice then go for the 2-octave version which is the vocal warm up for tenor voice C3.C5 version (for those of you that can read music I call middle C C4 not C3 as it’s known in some countries ).

Remember: Do not push your voice just so you can skip the smaller vocal range warm ups. If you start with the right one that feels easy then you will find your voice will get stronger and stronger quickly meaning you will be building your voice the right way and you will quickly progress onto the bigger vocal warm up ranges.

If you, however, decide to push and reach for the high notes just so you can say you can do a 2-octave vocal warm up you will be strengthening the wrong coordination in your voice.

TOP TIP for you…

How can you tell if you are reaching for the higher notes?

Your tone will sound overly bright  and you’ll find you have to go louder and louder as you go higher. As a warm up to allow your voice to warm up correctly work on keeping the same volume all the way through the vocal warm ups.

Sounds to use on your warm up…

My favourite sound to use on a warm up like this is to start with the NG sound this is a type of hum. The beauty of this hum is that the NG incorrages a light connection on the vocal folds, with a nice easy to notice resonance that can be felt in your cheekbones and all around your nose.

This resonance placement is often referred to as “singing in the mask”. YOU can find the correct NG sound by saying the word sung and holding the NG at the end. If you do it correctly you will notice the resonance that I mentioned and you will feel that the back of your tongue is up high in the back of the mouth, this helps to keep the tongue out of the throat and helps to stretch out any tension in the back of the tongue.

You can also use, The tongue trill, LIp trill, Raspberry, M hum as in the word “mother”, N hum as in the word “nose”, vowel consonant pairs like BUB or GUG, or just work through your vowels. Personally I like to start with the NG hum and then move onto vowel consonant pairs like BUB working through all my vowels in turn.

Let me know in the comments below how you found the vocal warm ups and if you would like to have a different vocal range covered for your voice. You could just give me a little smily face in the comments below as a think you for the free vocal warm ups as that would make my day 🙂

Oh and here is another warm up for you that is perfectly in the Tenor vocal range. I do it on a lip trill…

Have a great day and stay safe my singing friend.

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