Why does my voice break when I sing?

Why Does My Voice Break When I Sing?

Why does my voice break when I sing?What is the break?

Why does my voice break when I sing? Firstly let’s define what we are talking about here.

You can notice the break in the voice as you slide higher in your range. You can also notice it as you go louder or quieter (sometimes).

The break is also sometimes called the flip between chest voice and mixed/head voice (depending on what method you follow) or the register change.

It is not note specific so can happen on any notes where there is an imbalance. Convention says that it’s around C to F, and this is the case in most situations, but the subject of registers and voices is far more complicated than that.

In most western music (apart from country music and yodelling) it’s something that we want to blend over.

Let’s try it:

Slide up and down on an AH ( as in the word car) notice as you go up there is a change in sound and feeling sometimes flipping into a light, airy sound. Feels like you are changing gear.

Record yourself down if you can’t hear it and listen back. Very few singers do not have a break that is even slightly noticeable. It doesn’t hurt your voice in any way; yodelers do it all the time as a stylistic choice.

Now you should know whether we are talking about the break in the voice. Not the cracking sounds that you hear through it as this is something else.

Why does my voice break when I sing?

Here are the main reasons:

Physical restrictions
  • Because the vocal folds are too weak to hold the note on pitch
  • You are going quieter then your vocals need to blend correctly
  • You are going louder than your vocals need to blend correctly
  • Not moving through the registers correctly
  • Lack of a balanced coordination between the vocal folds and the breath support
  • tensions in the articulation ( jaw, tongue, throat, face, soft palate)
Incorrect Awareness of correct feeling of Singing
  • A misunderstanding of how the voice should feel on pitch
  • A misunderstanding of how the note should sound on that pitch when singing
  • Fear of that pitch

There you have it you now know the main reasons why your voice breaks. Play around with sirens starting quietly at the bottom and notice how the break is not so obvious. Keep working at this, and it will help you to get rid of the break.

You may find How Can I Increase My Singing Range? Helpful as the tools I talk about there will help you to smooth over the break.

If you would like to ask me a question then please ask: Singing Questions Answered.

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This is vocal coach Dylan signing out YO!

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